About Event: 

Holy Light Entertainment organizes this event every year with a mission of finding music talented individuals around the world. We want to motivate, support, develop and promote these individuals to a professional level.

2012-2013 TOPICS:

For participants who are 12 years and over, the topic will be INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MUSIC

For participants who are 12 years and under, the topic will be SUNSHINE and BLUE OCEAN.

Prizes Information:

The FIRST prize:          $12,000      (in cash)

The SECOND prize:     $9,000        (in cash)

The THIRD prize:          $7,000        (in cash)
And there will be more other valuable prizes for our contestants. 


Since we want this contest to be fair, the contestants will personally choose their own judge once they reached the third round (final round). The list of judges will be posted after the competition in the second round.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This program will be live recording on California television and the DVD will be released exclusively by the marvelous Light Center.

Here are the eligibilities for participants:

  1. Participants who are professional or non-professional, music lovers of any ages, every country, and all citizenships are welcomed to participate
  2. All the typical genres of music such as classic, love, modern, dance, hip hop, jazz, vpop. Of course, all kinds of the new creativity in music are encouraged.
  3. All song tracks, music, and dances need to be in English and Vietnamese
  4. Participants who love singing and have dreams of becoming a star in the United States
  5. The bands, singing groups, dancing groups and instrument performance are highly encouraged.
  6. Single participant, bands, and any music groups feel free to express their talents and submit their music works.